Cake Dome

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You know when baking a cake it always gets that dome middle which drives me nuts. There anyway of stopping it from happening or at lest making it smaller? I like to bake my cakes in a oven with convection action even using a Air Fryer just much smaller.
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A couple of things.... could be the recipe but also if you are overfilling the pans and/or whipping instead of stirring the batter.

Try a slower mixer speed using the paddle attachment if you use a stand mixer (and try to keep the beaters of the hand held under the batter as much as possible)... if you are mixing by hand go in the same direction the entire time (spoon or spatula no whisks).

Try using a larger pan and/or filling 1/2 (no more than 2/3) full.

When using the convection setting decrease temp by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.


Despite trying all of the above one of my favorite cake recipes ends up with the hump.

I have learned to accept it...trim it ..and move on lol.



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Is your batter mixed thoroughly? I tap the filled pans on the countertop to level them off. Could be your oven - is it level, and calibrated? Try turning/rotating the pans during baking. If all else fails, trim the top off and use it for chocolate fondue dipping, or cake pops.
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