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Hello Everyone!

I'm searching for some good Cake Decorating sites. I'm looking for a site with recipies and examples of cakes.
I have a final on that subject and i'm trying to find the perfect cake to present.

I hope someone can help me on this!

Piper Halliwell :chef:
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If you just want pics of cakes, I have a whole list of decorators sites with plenty of examples (just no recipes). Let me know.
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Oh yep... that would be great too. I'm actually looking for inspiration :rolleyes:.
So, looking at those pics would help me too.
Thanks for your help...
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actually got real tired of the pics and my better half is working on a new gallery as we speak. I copied your sites, but will not give them to her till she finished. I really like looking at other sites. Some make me happy, some make me jealous, some make me want to get more creative.
My wife has found two sites with our pictures used. We had some used for good morning amer. one time and we see them every now and again.
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If you're looking for recipes and example gallery's and video "how to's" and even a decent forum I would suggest going to Cake Central and spend some time there navigating around. There's many articles (some with video) on how to do things. Just go check it out, it's free.
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Cheers! that one too /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif

sh*t...those ones...

aand Panini's! /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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