Cake baking 101 question

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Ok, I can make a cheesecake and it turns out perfect. I cannot however, make a pound cake come out correctly. I seem to have problems with the pan preparation as when the cake comes out, a thin layer is left on the sides of the pan. The cake looks unappetizing.

I have tried spraying a pan and dusting it with flour and just coating the inside of the pan with shortening.  I've tried a non-stick bundt pan and an aluminum (Fat Daddios) cake pan. Same results.

Any suggestions?


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You could try parchment paper...just make sure to grease the pan, then apply the parchment paper and then grease the paper. Parchment paper is pretty standard with quickbreads and the like.

When I make cheesecakes, I use a conventional pan (not a springform), which I butter well (I also use parchment on the bottom). After the cake is cooled and chilled, I unmold it by heating the bottom and sides of the pan to melt the butter and release the cake. You could try that, too.

Good luck - I know how disheartening it is when the cake looks raggedy, no matter how good it tastes!

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this could be a couple of things. Are you alternating liquid and dry/flour?

                                                       Are you using a store brand sugar?

                                                       Are you opening the oven door before almost done?

                                                       Are you timing your last mixing?

If you answer yes to any of those we can come back and visit.

I think the guage of your pan is too light. I sounds like the shortening and flour around the inside is

reaching a temperature to where it's actually frying the cake. This combined with sugar impurities will bake a thin cake

between the pan and your cake product. as it cools it crumbles away.

If the cake is what you want, you can buy a wrap for the outside of the pan to insulate it.

This can also happen if you over grease and flour the pan.


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I don;t have any explanation because it makes no sense, but since i moved to Italy, i;ve had problems with cakes sticking to pans.  Why would this be?  I grease with butter, then flour, like i used to at home.  I now always use parchment paper.  Where are you?
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I use real heavy cake pans  4 attached to one another  and I use parchment inserts.

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