Cafe Central in Highland Park, IL

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Last night we enjoyed a great meal at Cafe Central in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I had a very good arugala salad with brie, apples and hazelnuts; an excellent and perfectly cooked veal chop napped with green peppercorn sauce, with shiitake phyllo cup and sauteed pea pods and spinach on the side. My husband had an excellent piece of beef tenderloin; my SIL had a great piece of Chilean Sea Bass; my BIL enjoyed the same entree as I had. The service was right on, and the ambiance a perfect clone of a Parisian bistro. The prices were a decent value. The only tiny no-no were the canned artichoke hearts served with the veg on the side. This place is definitely worth visiting!

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Carlos and Debbie Nieto still own and operate the place, yes? I haven't been their since Jackie Pluton was the chef, but I always remember it being good.
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