Cabinet Proofer Question

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I'm testing my proofer in order to know how to use it for bread,etc.

I put hot water in the tray and started with the Temp dial at just under 1 and the Humidity dial at 10 (limited experience has taught me to start there).

At 30 minutes the temp/hum indicator (I placed one on a tray in the box about 2/3 from floor) read 90deg and 81 hum.

I then opened the box to pretend to place a few pans and closed up.

Three minutes later: 90 deg and 69 hum.

12 more minutes: 90 deg and 81 hum.

15 more minutes: 90 deg and 81 hum. and the door is fogging up.

So, do these readings seem normal? 

Will I ever need more than 80 humidity?  Reinhart says that 90 F and 80 humidity is norm for bakers (TBBA p87).

The room temp/hum during testing was 77F and 50 hum.

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if your proofer is anything like mine and the other manual models I've worked with, you will have to learn to get used to it and it adjust it accordingly-like you would an oven. 

Personally I find the humidity most tempermental and hardest to control, as you found, after a time steam will build up, too much steam and the croissants/pain au chocolat/danish can start to leak butter or your bread can get a bit flat and flabby.

You can open the door now and again to keep an eye on the steam build up. My own way of overcoming this was to put the dry heat dial on 1, and turn off the steam when putting in the trays.  Tray position will probably have to adjusted now and again, as those nearest the element and water resevoir will rise faster. 

Your room temperature is also hot enough to proof outside of the cabinet, allow your bread to rise under a plastic sheet-flour the bread first  so that the dough doesn't stick to the plastic.

for the croissants rising at room temperature etc.  spray them regularly with water from a spray bottle to prevent a skin forming. 
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Thanks for the good word.  I'm going back and forth about using the cabinet since i'll never be large volume. 

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