Cabernet & Zinfandel Preserves

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I have a small vineyard in my back yard, 8 Zin, 2 Cab, and 1 Merlot. My original plan was to make my own wine, but I had a job change, in which my salary did to.. I am reaching out to anyone who has a great recipe for Cabernet and Zinfandel preserves. Your help would be greatly appreciated....Thank you Chefs...
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The Ball Blue Book has several grape preserve recipes, ranging from jams to jellies.

Personally, if I were looking to put them up, I would go with jelly, as it better preserves the unique flavors of each grape, whereas the sugar content of jam tends to hide the subtle flavors.

BBB also has a recipe for a Green Grape Marmalade. I've never made it, but it sounds intriguing. And could be a way of using them up if you have an overabundance of unripe grapes.
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