caaramel apple pie cookies

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I don't see why not as the recipe uses ingredients that have been on the grocery store shelves for years and as such are "tried and true" convenience products.

Pretty sure it (the cookie) will not have much of a shelf life (will get soggy and possibly moldy after a couple of days so store in the fridge) and is more of a novelty and meant to be eaten right away.

Maybe for a tea party or potluck supper at the church.

Kinda cute.

Apple pie with a good vanilla ice cream sprinkled with loads of cinnamon.

What's not to like?


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It will leave one hell of a mess but why not?? It looks tasty and I am sure it will taste just so. Have fun with it!! 

It would be the funniest and cutest thing to make these and then put it on a small plate with a melon baller sized portion of vanilla ice cream on each for some a la mode goodness!! lol
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