C Restaurant, Western Australia.

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    I recently dined here with my girlfriend and my 18 month old son for a 3 course lunch which (before drinks) came to $48 a head. We both ordered satay chicken sticks for entrees, for main I ordered a pumpkin risotto and she ordered a chicken dish (I forget it's full name), and we both ordered the vanilla panna cotta with coconut sorbet, we also ordered a serving of breads and shoe-string fries.

    We both went against some of the reviews we had previously read saying the food was sub-par, and you only go for the view. As it's a revolving restaurant in the heart of the city, it gives an amazing view of Perth, to the ocean and to the hills. Our experience was amazing! The view was as everyone points out, amazing, and the food was fresh, hot and so much flavour. The wait staff (1 gay man and several women) were absolutely amazing with their service, and with my son. They would play with him while they waited on tables, they were extremely friendly, and they weren't pushy.

    This was an amazing dining experience (being my first fine dining experience), and it was a good incite on to how a fine dining restaurant works, since I am soon starting working at a fine dining restaurant.

    Anyone who is travelling to, or lives in Western Australia, I would strongly recommend dining here, if you are a bit strapped for cash, lunch would be the best option as they do 1 course ($28), 2 course ($38) and 3 course ($48), dinner is a bit more expensive, but the menu is a lot bigger.