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At my restaurant, we have to bring our own tools and knives (other than spoons, tongs and spatulas). Is this the norm?
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Although I'm not a chef, some chefs have told me that quality knives have a habit of sprouting legs. You may want to get an additional set of knives to bring with you. :eek:
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At the first place I worked I was told to bring my own. the staff was small and we all knew each other well so we didn't worry about them dissappearing. Where I'm at now I was told to leave my knives at home because they tend to "walk off". This place is quite a bit larger than my previous place. I use the house knives now. Also, it's been recommended that I get my name engraved on my knives before I get to school.
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Your tools are usually a personal thing, even if tools are supplied they are prob. not sharp...broken ... etc...

The places that I have worked, most places I had to bring my own tools. With regards to engraving, all my tools are engraved, but they still walk sometimes. So that is why my work knives are forschners. Good quality at a cheap price. A 10 chef's knife for $25.

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I bring my knives home with me after work. I guess that makes me a dangerous chick with a concealed weapon!

Jokes aside though, I think I did scare a couple of customers the other day: I was walking out of the changing room and into the kitchen and walked by a nice old couple. I tried to hide the knives as best I could but my apron fell away from them and they moved away rather quickly when they saw them. I feel bad for them but had a good laugh nonetheless when they were gone..!
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I have one but it's pretty big and cumbersome for 2 knives. Plus there isn't anywhere to put it. I should just pick up a couple of handtowels before I go to the changing room. It always slips my mind.
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I used to catch the 1st train in the morning. Having my knives with me on the walk to the train made me feel a little bit safer.
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Keep mine in a cloth knife roll, not too bulky or big and holds just what i need.
i think its a wostoff. ;)


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Though the last few places that I have worked at provide knives, I am a big proponent of cooks bringing their own knives to work. Rarely have I encountered knives walking off, and if they do its not too difficult to figure out who the theif is. We all had our knives engraved which lessens the chance of theft. I find that making cooks bring their own knives helps to create a more professional atmosphere in the kitchen and the cooks tend to take of the other equipment better. They don't want someone ruining their knives and it makes them understand the need to take care of all the equipment around them. I now carry a toolbox with my knives, pull out what I am going to need for the next few hours and lock my box. Most the other cooks I have worked with do the same thing.
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