Buying broccoli

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Which is fresher broccoli? When it bends, or when it is firm and the florets can be snapped off clean without using a knife? Or are they just two different (equally fresh) "species"?
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Think about other vegetables in your vegetable bin: old carrots, old celery, for example. They are floppy, not firm. Same is true of broccoli. Firmer is fresher! Any variety of broccoli should be firm and green (or green and purple) with no yellowing. (Well, there are some Chinese broccolis that have yellow flowers, but they're the exception. And even when the flowers are supposed to be yellow, the stalks should still be firm.)
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This is what I've been assuming (and buying). As you say, like carrots. But I just got into an argument with someone who said that the freshest will bend. Then I thought maybe it's only firm because they pack it in ice when shipping it to the grocery store.

What's it like when you harvest it from the ground? Anyone grow fresh broccoli that can answer this?
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It's firm and crisp and snaps nicely. Your friend (?) is mistaken and/or misinformed. Never use bendy broccoli. Yuk. It gets fed to the rabbits tho :D, once it gets to that stage.
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Bendy broccoli is old. Easy for you to test by yourself: cut a piece and let it age in your fridge. It will get soft and bendy.

Fresh brocolli is firm, and dark green, the darker the better. The florets are dense and tightly packed together.
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When it snaps when broken and is firm and crisp, bright deep green color no yellow or flowering, clean fresh smell.
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old broccoli is bendy,though it might just be that it has lost some water and is still good. Old broccoli has yellow flowers opening up, fresh broccoli has tight green blossoms.
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I sold Broccoli when I was in the wholesale produce biz, and I bought tons when I owned and managed restaurants.

your friend is wrong............. :rolleyes:
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Firm and snappy are fresher to me. I agree with their post. But too much bendy is what I hate. I love it when its crispy.
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