buying a pasta maker today: atlas or imperia?

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i've used a chinese-made atlas copy for years and now i want to get the real thing. are they equally good? or is there a reason to chose one over the other?

any input would be appreciated. thanks!


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When I was doing this search a year ago, everyone recommended Atlas. I've liked my Atlas.
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I used to own the Imperia (about $60) and gave it away once I got the past attachment for my Kitchenaid. Never used the Atlas but GENERALLY, I don't find Chinese made products to be made very well
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I love my Atlas. I have a KitchenAid mixer but won't buy the pasta attachement because my Atlas works so well.

My only problem with the Atlas is some attachements are hard to come by. I have been trying to buy a large ravioli attachement locally for at least a year with no luck. Haven't really tried online.
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We use an imperia and it's working well. Seems very durable. As for the Ravioli attachment: I don't particularly like it. It makes very small ravioli and the sauce has to be very fine (basically blended). I prefer making lasagna sheets and making big ravioli's out of it by hand
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I have a hand cranked I asked seller if it had any rust seller said no . Well it came full of rust it is a atlas 120 and I also have a atlas 160 bot full of rust . It is a shame beautiful looking but I can not use it now no returns . Does anyone know how to clean it ??? It is never to be put in water or get wet so how would I clean it or should I just trash it's??? If you buy on eBay I am sure if it is a used pasta maker it will have rusty end if you ask seller as I did and still it had rust when seller said it had non . I now am stuck with two pasta makers out over $100 my fault I should have just went in amazon and paid for a new one .
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I've only used an Atlas. I have put it to a lot of use. No rust. No complaints at all, but then I also haven't compared, and I've never used a ravioli attachment.
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The Atlas brand has an electric motor attachment to use instead of the crank. It has 2 speeds, and works well.
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