Buy a Masamoto from EBay?

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Hey guys,

I want to upgrade my kitchen knives, one at a time. I bought my buddy a takamura 210mm gyuto after reading reviews here. Awesome knife. A little small. I was thinking about starting w a 240mm. The Masamoto KS seems always highly recommended.

The problem is it's been out of stock for months at CKTG. Looks like my best bet is EBay. I'm wondering if anybody has bought an expensive knife from the bay, I don't want to get a second or a knockoff.


PS told my wife I want to get a sharpening setup like the edge pro, she says since it's kitchen related I should get to take it from family budget [emoji]128516[/emoji]
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Note that the KS tends to run 10-15mm longer than the quoted length (240 more like 250-255, etc). 

Korin (if you can wait a couple of months until July, I believe Korin does a summer sale, something like 15% off knives) and Japanese Chef Knife both stock the KS, though JCK looks to be sold out of the 240mm length. Additionally I believe this Rakuten listing is also for the KS pricing on it is not as good as when I checked a few months ago - the Yen is trading much more strongly against the dollar these days.

P.S - just want to make sure you're aware it's a fully reactive carbon (non-stainless) knife?
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