Butter fun facts

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Really? that's awesome information. they feed like for how many times and day? to make the meat turns yellow? or they will feed it from birth to slaughter.
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Normally from 2 weeks and up.. Also farm raised salmon are fed carrots to make them orange colored as they are white in color when farm raised unlike wild salmon.:chef:
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Now if you buy prepackaged salmon  fresh or smoked in the market it must state artificially colored or color added.
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There are many recipes floating around in cyber but I have not tried them of yet. There seems to be a controversy over it (which French restaurant perfected it....so-on)

@ Dave : I am a fan of butter but the other word that starts with "M" (we won't mention the word) came up with a beautiful sculpture.

"Last November, Vipula Athukorale, 47, won a gold medal for his unusual Victorian street scene at a world food sculpting competition in Luxembourg."
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ha, does that also make the yolks yellower? i heard they feed something to chickens here to make eggs to use in fettuccine
Oats and a good ranged diet will do this.  I always gave my chickens and ducks whole oats.  The yolks were pretty much orange. It's a visual adjustment for some, especially when you make mayo with them. :D  The eggs will also gain the aroma/flavor of the water and feed if those are strong.  Like the eggs in Guatemala City I had at a small place smelled just like the open sewer water the hens were drinking...lovely.
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