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Discussion in 'Professional Catering' started by cheflacey, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Hello all...I am a professional chef, food service manager, and caterer/catering manager. Seems like alot doesn't it? I thought so too. I have been in this roll now for six months, and it has definitely had its ups and downs. I never thought that catering would be a road I would travel down for a career, but like most life situations, an opportunity presented itself, and I had to take it. The company that I work for is contracted by a large school district, made up of 38 campuses. When interviewing, the DM stated that there would be at least two monthly caterings. A catering truck would be provided, and that I would execute all food preparation through a high school kitchen. The volume of caterings since then have been overbearing. From early morning breakfasts to late dinners, to very large luncheons and literally everything in between. The only staff I have are employees of the school district. But if a catering event is during their work hours, I find myself executing every single detail of the event from prep, to linens, to food, to break down, loading and unloading catering truck, single handedly. On top of that, I supervise the employees of six different campuses, do all the ordering and invoicing for catering, and Mon-Fri supervise five high school culinary students in the kitchen, while teaching and evaluating them. While everything I have stated thus far is a great opportunity, but wow am I ever stretched to the limit, and even sometimes wonder if catering is really for me. I graduated from a great culinary school, studied abroad in France, and have a great resume. I would just like to know what inspires you all to cater, how do you not feel overwhelmed when when you are bombarded with so many events, and what helps you find balance in all of your other life's endeavors, ie family. I would like to make this an ongoing discussion, to listen to your successes and advise for me moving forward. I have honestly been waking up miserable to go to work everyday. I am married with two kids, house, dog, and this crazy job. I have come really far for my age and would feel torn if I got to the point of giving up. Any insight on any thing I have written today would be really lovely. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the catering I do, etc to get a better picture of my dilemmas. Thank you in advance.

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    Not sure what youre asking here, you sound very busy, maybe you want to know youre not alone in that....youre not--catering's long hard work, but rewarding, at least to me. But it has a burnout point--I reached it after almost 4 years. But 4 years later Im ready to get back into it. But if youre waking up dreading your work day I'd guess you need to examine why that might be and make changes accordingly.

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    Lacey, you sound used and abused.   Reads like you need either additional staff or temps to help you during catering time.  Reads like whomever hired you, sold you a bill of goods.