Busy getting ready for compeition

Joined Jan 24, 2002

I would like to say Hi to everyone out there. I hope everyone out there has had a nice week. I am doing pretty good this week. I have been very busy getting ready for our next compeitionwhich will be March 9 in chicago. We are have a dinner at school to rise money so we can get to the compeition. We do not have a preson to help with the cost, so we have dinner to rise our money to go.
We have had a lot of help from some of the chefs to get ideas for our dish. But no one to help with the money we need.
So we Have dinners at the school to get the money needed for the trip.
I have sold 10 tickets at $25 a piece. It is hard because out here people do not want to pay that much for tickets.

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