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    Hi everyone im just new here. Im a stay home mom which loves to cook. And now i tried some sweet treats that everyone can enjoy. Is there anyway to start my sweet treat food business at home? Its only a prepared/pre-packed foods no need for oven,stoves etc.? Do i need a business license for that?
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    Welcome to Cheftalk Stablizo,

    A stay at home mom is a job all on its own. Glad you found us. Good question and there are some great answers. This is the welcome forum for greetings only, in a little while your post may be moved to another section like "food and discussions" where it can be answered and yes, certain regulations, laws and criteria must be met first.

    We look forward to your thoughts on food and maybe sharing some recipes.

    When you have time, please have a look around; the wiki's, reviews, articles and gallery. There is a professional forum which you are welcome to read.

    Please don't hesitate to use the reseach bar or post your own threads, if you have questions , don't hesitate to ask a moderator.

    Look forward to seeing you .

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