Burning off alcohol?

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I made a recipe of 'Grand Marnier Prawns' last night.  The instructions called for "burning off' the alcohol of 1 cup of Grand Marnier.  What I did was place the GM in a sauce pan and lit it on fire....and it burned...and it burned...and I became inpatient.  The flames simmered down to bluish and put the lid on the pan to put it out.  Was I too impatient?  Should  I have waited until the flames extinguished themselves?  Thanks in advance for your answers! 
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 After ignition of liquor ,turn flame down a bit and let them burn themselves out . This makes the liquor heavier and with  less alcohol content to taste
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Just let it go, the flavor will get better as the sugars in the alcohol start to carmelize. Stopping the process early causes a loss of flavor and too much alcohol left in the food.
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If you're impatient, use a skillet instead of a saucepan. The more surface area there is, the faster the alcohol burns off. But, as others have said, let it burn out on its own for best results.
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Thank you all!  I kind of suspected I should have let it go...excellent hint to increase the surface area to reduce the burning time.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif
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