Burning canola oil on stainless steel cookware

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    A little background: I consider myself to be an extremely neophyte chef. I can cook scrambled eggs, fry bacon, make chili in a slow cooker, and occasionally make a burger or grill chicken on a good day.

    I moved in to a new place and my parents bought me a stainless steel kitchenaid cooking set as a housewarming gift. Up until now, I'd been using only cast iron pans.

    Now I'm using these stainless steel pans on a new oven and every single time I burn the canola oil. Canola oil is the only oil I've ever used for cooking (unless something calls for something else), mostly because I was given these two spray cans and it seems to work great and I can never taste it.

    So, I have a couple questions:

    Why is it burning? It's never burned on my cast iron pans, I assume it has something to do with chemistry and the difference between stainless steel and cast iron, or that I couldn't notice it burning on the cast iron. I've tried preheating the pan to about medium temperature and spraying it then, and also spraying the oil on when it's cool and heating it with the pan to medium, but either way, it starts to burn.

    How can I prevent it from burning? Or, do I need to use a different oil with stainless steel?

    How can I clean the burned oil off of my stainless steel pans?

    Any & all insights appreciated, thank you.