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Not sure if this is the right forum, but........

Rick Bayless and Burger King...what's up with that?

What's next? Bobby Flay and Arbys?
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I usually mute commercials 'cos they are so annoying. I saw Rick pop up on the tube so I unmuted and I was shocked that it was a BK commercial. The guy isn't hurting for cash that he needs to sell out to fast food... is he?

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Thanks :confused: Suzanne. I just skimmed those 16 pages. UGH! I was kind of horrified when I read about this here, but after wading through all that self-righteous indignation, I almost feel sorry for the guy. (almost). I need an aspirin.
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If I were as well known and respected as Bayless, I would be leary about being associated with Burger King.

However, if they're paying big enough bucks, maybe 7 figures for a series of commercials, and now he can retire a decade sooner or solidify his kids' financial future, I don't think you can really blame the guy.
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I, too, skimmed those other pages. Didn't care too much for the attitude. For one thing, I didn't agree that people who go to Burger King don't know who Rick Bayless is. I go to Burger King. I go to Subway. I know those restaurants aren't the same thing as what Alice Waters has done. That doesn't mean I don't know who those people are or that I can't appreciate the difference. I'm not a fat, stupid American. But I am an American, and I am busy. Sometimes I just need to grab something to eat.

I'm not sure that it's Rick's fault that society has become that busy - or that we seemingly "need to go corporate" in order to survive. "Heck!" The last time I saw Eric Clapton, he was sponsored by a car company. Does that make his influence on music any less? Not in my mind.

What I do know, is that in my little po-dunk town, it is virtually impossible to survive without big corporate money. I survive, three plus years into my small business, out of being ornery more than anything else. I refuse to give up! Will I really ever get ahead with this attitude? Probably not. Do I value my accomplishments? Absolutely. Would I breathe a huge sigh of relief if someone with any amount of money, let alone Burger King, started paying attention to me tomorrow? Yes, totally. If that happened, I would have time to love food again.

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I almost choke on my apple when I saw it was a commercial. At first I thought it was an add for a new cooking show or some piece of equipement but Burger King??? Why????


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Hey, it hasn't hurt his restaurants or his rep. considering the business his places are still doing, and **** $20,000-$40,000 for an afternoon's work. I'd sign up also if anyone wants me!! Most (not all, but most) of those self-righteous freaks would do the same if the offer was presented to them. They are just mad because it wasn't them making the easy money. Sorry but if I got an offer like that I wouldn't look at it as selling out, I'd look at it as another year of my kid's education I just paid for!!

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