Bulk Grinding of Herbs and Spices - Needs to be Coarse

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Greetings Chefs,

New to the site, lurked a little and found a thread similar to what I'm looking for but didn't quite answer the question. https://cheftalk.com/threads/how-do-i-grind-up-large-thick-cassia-bark-sticks-please-help.75111/

I make different blends of tea, usually in batches of 15-25 Lbs. at a time. I was using a grindmaster 810 to blend things like peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, clove, birch bark, cacao nibs, etc.

The grindmaster I was using is no longer operational. I'm looking to replace it for something much easier to clean and can coarsely grind spices to around an 8 mesh size.

I've looked into other coffee grinders but I find they're expensive and take forever to clean. I've also looked into grain mills but I've spoken to a few sales reps about it and they're not sure about the machines ability to handle the array of ingredients we'll be using. I'm also considering a food processor but I'm honestly not sure what to look for. Also had the crazy idea to use a meat grinder, but I've never used one so I'm not sure if it's a realistic solution.

Budget: trying to keep it under $1,000.00

I welcome all ideas and suggestions and appreciate your time to reply!
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The thing with food Processors is that either you have a uniform purée, or inconsistent chunks, with fine stuff at the bottom of the processor bowl, and coarser stuff near the top.

Kitchen aid food mixers have a grain mill attachment, but I have never used one, even though they are easy enough to find, and cheap enough to have a dedicated grinder for each variety. This might be a possibility.

The other option is very low tech, and was popular in European bakeries for grinding nuts, but I haven’t seen one here in N.America. All it is is two marble rollers running in tandem, nested in a hopper. You could adjust the gap between the rollers, so to get something fine you would run it coarse, then set the gap finer, then again finer. Dead simple and easy to clean, but I haven’t seen one for years.

Hope this gives you some ideas...
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Thanks for taking the time to reply foodpump, I'll certainly look into it. I've posted on a different site and received the suggestion to use the sort of mills that craft brewers would use. That's looking like my best solution as of the moment.

I'll update my post when a decision is made to help others encountering similar issues!

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