Building a bread oven

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I am about to embark on building a couple of brick and clay bread ovens in order to become a home baker.  I live in the countryside of Seville Spain and the only daily bread available here is white or intregral.  I want to create hand made breads and baked biscuit's from world recipes and sell them to good restaurants, hotels and some private clients.  I am not getting into this to become a large business, been there and done that, just looking to work from home, earn a little extra cash and make brilliant real breads.  Can anyone give me advise on the best shape for the oven's, some people have told me squared and others dome shaped like the old pizza ovens.  If anyone has done this themselves would appreciate advise on the pitfalls etc.  Any input gratefully recieved.



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I have built ovens for pizza. The round ones are trickier than the arch style. Thin about a few curved bridges and draw it out. search the web for pictures of wood fired ovens. I got my pizza stones and pizza tools from Chef but they only ship these in USA (heavy) so look for local firebricks or pizza stones.

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