Bug report on replying with a quote

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Hmmm not even my original quote in this thread came out right.

I was trying to reply with a quote from a member in another thread and I got this message, which I haven't seen before.  It was:

Error: Argument 'editorType' was not passed to the query string.

Any solution/s would be appreciated,

Thank you,



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Interesting. It would be useful to Huddler to have some info about your computer ( browser details and operating system and updates mostly. If you have any addons to the browser, you should list those. I know Noscript and Firefox can mess up sites if you don't allow scripts. Sometimes desirable, but not for Cheftalk very much.

But I suspect it's related to the other editor problems people are having, mostly in firefox. Some updates are in the chute to tweak the editor again.
Joined Feb 26, 2007
Hmm well I am using IE V.7, no Firefox or Noscript either.  I think Antivirus AVG. is lurking on here somewhere, no othe AV programs that Iknow of.  Haven't loaded any updates for IE V7.  Am using Windows as my DOS, I'm pretty sure it's the 2007 version, certainly not Vista (bleeped comment here hehe).
Joined Feb 26, 2007
Oh - forgot to mention.  I sent a post thru and wanted to edit it.  The edit window came up, but none of the text that I had already posted was visible.  No big drama, but I want to add to what I had sent through.  That's the first time I've seen that happen.

Uh, I just tried to send the above through, and an error message came up with "Please enter something before you submit this post".

What on earth is going on?  I just want to communicate with people.  It just happened again - I really hope this gets thru.

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