budget cutting, when things go bad

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    How many of you let customers cut your services.....ie letting them do beverages, letting them handle rentals, letting them arrange for cakes, etc?

    What are some of the results that happen because of the frugality?

    I'll start.....

    1) my (cousin, son, friend, acquaintance) is, was, wants to be a bartender and so we'll do the beverages, setup the bar, order ice/glasses/napkins/tables/cloths/scoops/liquids......outdoor, always outdoor in the heat....

    either they underestimate ice, don't have water covered or have stupid little containers for LARGE amounts of people.  Designated bartender is MIA....seriously?!!! who's setting up the bar? ooooops, there are lots of children and they are thirsty and there is nothing for them to drink or only stemware!  There's an obnoxious line because you HAD to serve kegs of beer with those horrible taps that take forever to work.   The white wine isn't iced down prior to dinner.   

    vs.  someone taking responsibilty to order the right amount of glassware, ice, equipment, make sure there's no long line by being prepared and pre-pouring, knowing that water needs to flow generously, having timing down to know how long it'll take to setup and make majic happen.

    2) small children, not being prepared to handle their needs.....ie stemware for 3-8 year olds?! 

    3) rentals.....typically they underestimate shtuff or leave out basic supplies.....pitchers, jacks, extra napkins for bread baskets, not checking to see if everything was delivered or is all clean/unbroken.....

    vs...someone who works regularly with rental companies and knows which ones are reliable, knows to still precheck orders because even the great rental companies goof up sometimes, knows that there's more needed than just what people see.....

    OK you're time to share......