Budget Antiques in the kitchen... What do you have?

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I do like my gadgets...up to a point. but i love my oldies

I was recently given an ancient, indian spice box.I dont know what the wood is, but its very old and rustic, with naive carvings. It opens up like the old school pencil boxes - sliding lid. The 8 dividers are about 3" by 3"by 3" and hold all my indian whole spices,as well as peppercorns, nutmegs and dries thyme.  I love to pull back the lid and have a good sniff.
I've also got a copper frying pan i picked up at a charity shop for silly money £2 ($3) i think. It's ancient. I've been told probarbly 18th century, with hand made nails holding the handle on

Then theres the victorian pickle fork i also bought in a charity shop for 25p (40c)

It would be interesting to know what ancient goodies are lurking in your kitchens

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[h5]Because I took the keenest intrest in the kitchen, I was handed down a number of items that definitely antique.  I have a hand cranked beater that is from the 1920's to which I still use to beat eggs and batter.  From the same time I also have a wooden handled carving fork, an enamel baking pan that was and still is only used to bake bread pudding in. The one item that is very special to me is an earthen pitcher that is glazed with a midnight blue glazing.  It was used for both my grandfather and my father to mix their baby food with so that puts the pitcher at around circa 1850,  Although not that old, I also have a pressure cooker that I still use and that is from the 1950's thanks largely to having a spare rubber o-ring that was kept in mint condition with 'Fluid Film'. [/h5]
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 My newest old toy is a marmalade slicer - and old cast iron beast - bought from Britain on e-bay.  Got hubby to give it a clean up, straighten all the bent parts, sharpen the blade.  It worked a treat on the Seville oranges I've found around recently.  

Looks very similar to this one - 
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AAh! Sunshine dont we all feel like that sometimes?  I've got 2 sons in their 30's n 1 at 16. They're enough to make me count my grey hairs. I've been 27 for a few years now, Wearing a bit thin yeah! but possitive mental attitude, and a good hairdresser works like a charm
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Bughut - I'm going grey gracefully.  At the moment it looks like my hair is streaked (auburn is its normal colour - Irish genes kicked in there).  But I reckon I've earned every one of them /img/vbsmilies/smilies/thumb.gif

As to antique equipment,  I've got this wonderful manual meat grinder.  Weighs a tonne, blue paint chipped and battered, it's down to one disc - course grade.  Think it must be at least 60 years old (yay! something in the house older than me) but still works a treat.  Don't know if my sandwhich toaster would classify as antique, it's lost its clip to keep the handles together, but that too weighs a tonne (they just don't make stuff like they used to /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif).

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