Bubbling under rolled fondant

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Hi all,

I'm new to working with rolled fondant. I've been doing great with practicing on styrofoam dummies, but when I try to cover an actual cake I get a ton of air bubbles under the surface of the fondant. What causes this air bubbling and how can I make it stop? My cakes are covered in swiss meringue buttercream and refrigerated overnight before covering and I'm using the "panelling" method. The fondant is homemade and seems a little bit more temperature sensitive than the commercial brands I've tried.

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You may be kneading the fondant too much, which will produce air bubbles once it's applied to the cake; or your buttercream under the fondant is not smooth and air (trapped in any holes or pockets) expands once the fondant is applied and creates the bubble. Depends on if the bubble is on the surface of the fondant (usually caused by kneading, especially if you are making your own colored fondant by adding a gel color) or beneath the layer of fondant (caused by the trapped air in a gap in the frosting).
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