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I am making bruschetta for 16 people. I was wondering how many plum tomatoes I need to purchase for 25 bruschetta and how many peppers I should purchase for 30 bruschetta? I am making 25 traditional bruschetta and 30 bruschetta w/ roasted peppers,capers and garlic over goat cheese.

Any info you can provide would be helpful.

Thank you!
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A very generous soup spoonfull (call it 1-1/2 - 2 tbs) of filling per bruschetta (or as I like to call it, "slice of toast").

Roughly 6 good-sized Romas per baguette. You should get at least a dozen bruschetta per loaf. So, a dozen tomatoes would be be more than enough.

A little more than 2 cups of the pepper mix (it shrinks as it cooks down). but 2 or 3 good sized peppers should be more than enough. About 12 oz of goat cheese, unless you're going very heavy.

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