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We decided in 2012 to discontinue our weekly brunch buffet. We still have brunch buffet times a year, New year's day, Easter Sunday, Mother's day, Thanksgiving Sunday, Boxing Day. What I would like to know, do folks here still continue with a weekly brunch buffet?

Is it worth it?  One of my servers says that people inquire if we have it, I tell her that is most likely other restaurants seeing what we are doing!... lol... anyway... just curious!
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Sure, it's worth it for lots of restaurants.  I was a Sous about twelve years ago for a place that did a brunch buffet and consistently did 400-500 covers @ $14 each every Sunday.  If you're talking five to ten grand for a four hour service lots of places would take that money.  My place on the other hand isn't anywhere near that large.  We quit our brunch buffet just over two months ago and went to a plated brunch on Sundays.  It's been better for us. We don't do huge  volume but neither do we need a lot of labor.

Ultimately it depends on a lot your restaurant and your market.

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