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Brunch....absolutely my favorite meal.
New Orleans knows how to do it right....small roving jazz bands, GOOD coffee, fine foods. NOW where have you had a memorable (favorably) brunch and what did you eat?

John Folse had a plantation on River Road between Baton Rouge and New Orleans...
Music that was interactive
Fried eggplant with lumb crab and a creole mustard sauce, fresh hot crunchy light as air french bread, coconut pie (one of my favorites too), eggs sardou (poached egg please don't shoot me, on an english muffin with cream spinach and artichokes dab of hollandaise or bernaise don't remember)
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My favorite brunch place is defunct!! Too bad. It was the brainchild of this former chef at Stars, Sharna Gross I think was her name, and it was called Ozone. Anyway, I would drive to SF even if I was alone to eat there. Her own style of Eggs Benedict (can't remember what was on it exactly, but I remembered I loved it) and her Vietnamese style grilled chicken soup. She put arugula, along with deep fried rotelle noodles in it. A beautiful broth, too. I would order both of these dishes and the waits would ask me, confused, if I was waiting for someone else. I wasn't embarrassed to say no. ****, I had it all to myself. Don't know what happened to her.
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I remember this one time when I had chili for brunch... yum!


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I think the most memorable brunch that I remember was when when I was at the Four Seasons brunch in Chicago when it first opened. Absolutely amazing spread, the cheeses alone were incredible. There was an excellent bread display that was simply amazing. The finale was the sauteed peaches over fresh vanilla ice cream.


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The Stouffer Waverly (Sp?) Hotel just north of Atlanta has the biggest "Make your own Bloody Mary" bar I have ever seen. 25 vodkas (many infused), numerous different tomato based juices, and what seemed like 1001 things to spice your drink up with. Also the 57th Fighter Squadron, in Atlanta (there is also one in Wheeling IL by a similar name). The food was decent, but the World War II motif and memorbila was very cool. Also many of the booths have head phones so that you can listen to the tower (the restaurants are located adjacent to airfields) talk to the pilots. Very cool.
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Carol's right about the cinnamon-orange upside-down French Toast at her place - I usually ask for an extra order for the table to share! Also, Ina's Kitchen when it was open on Webster - Scrapple, Heavenly Hots - YUMMY.

Chef Jeff Troiola at the University Club of Chicago did beautiful buffets for holiday brunch. He's a great chef and a great guy.


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I was spending the Easter weekend in New York city with some friends. On Easter sunday they took me to brunch in a restaurant by the pier. I can not recall the name of the restaurant or what I ate but I remember the sprankling wine they kept pourring in my glass, the mountain of fresh strawberry and whipped cream....

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Heavenly Hots were on Ina's menu - delicious hot cakes. I'll get the recipe from her if you like - I think they were made with sour cream.

The next time you're in Chicago, try Deleece (Carol Wallack's place) for brunch. You'll understand then. Or, maybe FedEx???!!

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