Broiling Lobster tails

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I am going to broil some lobster tails for V-day, my question is how long do I broil them for, how far from the broiler do I keep them, and what can I brush them with prior to cooking? I am using 3 8oz tails:lips:
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I know when they're boiled, it's 7 minutes a pound, but I'm not sure about when they're broiled. I would suggest brushing them with garlic butter though.
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the garlic butter is a good idea as long as everybody eats, which brings the question(I'm probably way out of line here and you don't have to reply or they may kick me off here) three?
8-12 min under the broiler, cut down through top with a chicken scissors, pull the meat out leaving the tail attached, cover the shell with the tail meat. The shell will turn red giving you some sence of doneness.
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When you broil a lobster do you basically slice it in half and remove the "dirt sac" and flavor the meat as you wish, then broil as per instruction?

I've never tried broiling lobby, but sounds like fun. I've only cooked it asian style with ginger and green scallions. :lips:
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Oooooh, Lobster - the one food I think I could eat the rest of my life and not get tired of!

Factoid - Did you know that they used to serve lobster to prison inmates all the time, because it was so CHEAP??!!! The prisoners actually created an uprising because they got so tired of it!!!

When I do broiled tails, first I steam the tails til they're about 3/4 done, then split them, put a topping on and finish under the broiler; I find it keeps them moister. I do 'em this way on the grill, too.
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yes 3 panini, it is a mad, mad, world out there, anyway thank you for the responses, I have never had to cook(broil, to be specific) Robsters' before, we used to only get rock lobsters and end up grilling them. :( . I would take a coldwater anyday:bounce:
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I had boiled, steamed, broiled, and grilled lobster tails and was never quite happy with any method. The owner of a restaurant I used to buy tails from told me to bake them and they turned out better than any of the other methods I had tried. I guess a balance is created between watery and dry that is just about right.

After cutting the shell open, loosening the meat and drying off with paper towels to make sure it won't be watery, drizzle clarified butter mixed with pressed garlic, a light dash of paprika for looks, and bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Sometimes, I cut that short by a couple of minutes and do finish them under the broiler which is also great.

When preparing larger tails ( has to die for 2 lb. Australian tails), the baking time needs to be increased to about 1/2 hour.
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Thanks beagle, I will definently give it a try. I do not like grilled tails and I have never really had baked tails. So we will see
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Lobster , I never met one I did not like to eat . Split lobster from end to end about 1 / 3 of the way through tail to meat . Pull tail out until just about ready to pull from shell body . Rinse lobster meat and discard vein . Lay back on shell and place on rack in baking pan . Drizzle with butter and dust with paprika . Place water and some lemon in the pan but dont touch the lobsters
( thats why the rack ) Bake till done ( easy to tell by look or feel )
in a 350 oven . Serve with lemon and drawn butter . Presentation is awsome and lobster is great .
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To make your tails look nice after cooked, take the meat out of one side of the shell then swap it with the other so the cut side faces down. It looks bigger and much better presentation.
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Tricks to tails   try and broil when they are room temp. Do not put that close to burner. Some guys put outside lettuce leaves on tails so they cook yet don't burn  lettuce insulates against flame of broiler.  Start in broiler finish in oven to make sure they cook without drying or burning.  use clarified butter when possible.  Keep in mind many of them are not lobster at all but crayfish. Best I have had are  African    Brazilian and Chilian ,are cheaper but will pass  others will not.
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