Brittany suggestions?

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We're leaving for France in a few days :bounce: and I wondered if anyone has suggestions for Brittany? We've never been there before and will be spending a few days in the North and a few days to the South near Carnac. We're in guide-book overload--too much information for too little time--and would welcome any recommendations. Thanks!
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Lucky Phoebe! Don't miss the crepes. They're different from the ones you may be familiar with.

Try this site for some possible answers. This links to their bulletin board, but the main site has some super articles, too. The people there are as friendly and welcoming as here at CT.

Bon voyage, bon sejour, bon retour!

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I have spent alot ot time in the little town of les sable dloanne it is on the coast and is very popular w the french there are some nice little rests in the port area along with a fish market.had lunch two years ago at beau rivage wich was excellent also the town of la rochelle is very pretty
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