British Army MAC Manual ( Catering Manual)

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For years I had a copy of the british Army Catering manual . The recipes in it all multiplyed for large numbers . I lent it to a chef whilst working in Swaziland a few years ago and never got it back.
Does anyone know where I can get another copy of this great manual ? paper or electronic ?
The content is very good and covers a very wide number of dishes
It also has some great curry recipes in it to .
I would be very thankful

many thanks



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You should try e-bay I have seen some US army manuals and field kitchen books there covering everything from mass cooking to how to build field ovens and stoves from whatever is laying around, very interesting reading.
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Hi everybody,
on the <www_arrse_co_uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=64501.html> I have found: "The old skool one is the best, volume two 1973.....THE BIBLE.!!"; is somebody there, who has access to this version?
Thanks and have a nice day.
(Sorry for my English, I speak German... :eek:)
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If you have time, I would be greatful for a copy to. I remember long ago as trainee chef trying to get my head around the egg beano and why it was so popular with the squddies. Mind you, I guess you would eating anything after spending four days above the tree line in the middle of winter in -38c in northen Norway.

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Not sure whether we know each other (my surname is Storey and I was an app in 1979). A copy of the pdf would be much appreciated. I don't suppose you know anybody who could send me some of the training resources from the CAM wing?


I have a copy of the Army Catering Manual and am trying to find a place to get it transfered to disc, as soon as i dio i will let you know and will send you a copy if you like /
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