Brisket to feed an Army

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Call in one Jewish mother. They never know how to cook for fewer people than that. Mine's busy, or she'd be glad to help!
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Smoke it....leave the fat on and rub with salt and peppers (red, black) sear on the grill then smoke it for an hour. Seal in foil and bake 200* for 8 hours.
What ever you do Brisket just takes forever.
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First you should assess your equiment and whats availible to you. If you have the time I agree with my buddy shroomgirl, smoke it rub it and cook it till the cows come home. If you don't have that kind of time and have access to large stock pots or trunions I would boil the briskets in well seasoned water for at least 3 hours. Let cool enought to handle, seperate the deckles and do a dry rub and roast covered for 3 more hours and hit it with what ever sauce you like. Or do the first two steps and after boiling slice very thin add some of the cooking liquid and cover a cook another one and a half to two hours. Any way you decide good luck!!!!!!!
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Here's the scenario... We are feeding 500 people at the end of a Bike Ride...
So far the menu: Caesar Salad station (w/chicken, Portabellas, etc), Pasta Station, Stir Fry station and desserts. They were going to have a roast pig, now they want beef brisket.
The question... any input on technique/preparation for brisket for 500?
Any help, as always, is appreciated...
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Please translate. Doesn't look like Yiddish to me, TopChef!

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