Brioche - Ingredient temperature question

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Hi all -

It has been quite some time since I had to make Brioche.  The recipe I have uses instant yeast and is mixed and refrigerated overnight.

I seem to recall that the butter needs to be kept cold but be pliable.  My question is about the milk and eggs used - are these also to be kept COLD or do I bring them to room temperature before incorporating?  

Thank you in advance for any help (and Tips!) you could provide!


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Your brioche recipe sounds similar to mine. Since it's an overnight rise in the fridge, I use all cold ingredients to inhibit too much of rise before I'm ready to work the dough. You want to keep those yeasty beasties in slow mode til you really need them to kick in for the final proofing and baking. Bringing your milk and eggs to room temperature is just an unnecessary extra step and there is no benefit.
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