"Breast of Watermelon"!?!?! My mind is blown...

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I'm simultaneously amazed and creeped out. It looks amazing, but there is a part of my brain that thinks it's against the natural order and should be burned in a cleansing fire.

Either way, the vacuum compression of fruits and vegetables is pretty cool stuff. I can't say how it affects texture or taste. I hear it makes things more "meaty"  It sure gives them a gem like quality though.

Cut some slabs of watermelon, leaving a good portion of the white rind on it.

Grill the watermelon rind side down to get some quadrillage.

Vacpac the watermelon with seasonings

Cook the watermelon sousvide and chill

Take the watermelon out of the bags, score the rind like you would a duck breast.

Sear it rind side down to get some good caramelization

Make a pan sauce with the juices in left in the vac bag.

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I just recently found that website/blog.

The instant coffee, cane sugar, watermelon, and salt vac pac made me nauseous, curious, and hungry at the same time.

Not sure what to think.  Wanna try it though.
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