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    Hi my  name is  Breanna Breland. I am a junior in high school an I am currently enrolled in our culinary program at votec. I joined this site because I love t cook, mostly baking and decorating pastries. This site seemed right for me because its about food and I love food as I said before and I would also enjoy learning more about food and pastries and their background.     /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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    I Just Like Food
    Aloha, Welcome Breanna, so glad you’ve decided to join the conversation.  Chef Talk is a fabulous place to share and learn from others with the same passion, food.  There are tons of folks here that could lend a hand in the bakery department, but don’t over look the savory side as well.

    Please take a moment to review the FAQ, Tutorials and Community Guidelines, should have any questions in regards to the site itself, you can post them in the Feedback & Suggestion forum.

    I hope to see some photos of your work in the Galleries soon, and once again , welcome to Chef Talk.