Breaking down deer

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    Hi all,

    With hunting spots dwindling down to nearly nothing in my area there's not many decent places to hunt anymore, unless you know someone with decent property.  But I didn't hunt that much before, but my brother did.  Even though he doesn't have any hunting property anymore, he does end up breaking down six to eight deer a year for people.  He doesn't ask for anything and isn't going to...he just enjoys doing it for people.  Yes, usually they'll offer him some venison up for helping them.

    He asked me if there was a good "butchers" knife for breaking down deer.  He's gotten pretty decent with a deer over the many years and he wants to get something that's a bit nicer than the usual knives he's owned.  He wants a nice "all purpose" knife that's going to be plenty sharp without giving up it's edge throughout a deer. 

   He's not exactly sure what a decent knife will cost...I think he's looking at spending a couple hundred bucks /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif   Has anyone got suggestions?

   He uses a Lansky Sharpening System and I'm not sure what, if any, hone.

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