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What items are best during breakfast?

I enjoy French Toast and eggs.  What are some of the most visually appealing breakfast?
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Are you talking about home breakfasts for every day, for sunday, or restaurant stuff? 

My usual breakfast is a slice of homemade bread toasted with butter and jam, dunked into american coffee with milk.  I look forward to that in the morning.  Occasionally I'll have oatmeal porridge with dark brown sugar on it.  In the hot summer i like Alpen muesli with extra raisins and cold milk. 

On sundays I make pancakes with homemade blueberry syrup.  If there are guests for brunch, i make eggs and bacon with them, and a fruit salad with oranges, grapefruits and pineapple and a light sugar syrup poured on it hot so it will make some juice in the fridge. 

In a restaurant I want something more special than that. 

If i were in the states, my main breakfast would be a thomas English Muffin.  aaaah, my favorite thing, and so sadly unavailable here. 

But breakfast is probably one of the most important meals for me - i can do without anything but don't take away my simple (that is, unadulterated, un-flavored, un-complicated with other stuff) carbohydrate (bread, pancake, oatmeal) and milk.  I'm miserable if i can't get them.  The rest of the day I couldn't care less. 
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My favorite breakfast of all time is eggs benedict accompanied by asparagus and boiled new potatoes with dill.  I also like to serve it with a fruit salad with berries, bananas, kiwi, grapes, apples, and pears with a dressing made of sugar, cinammon, and grand marnier.
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Thanks for the replies.  I sort of wanted to know what you like at home, and then what is the more complicated resturaunt breakfasts.  
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Are we right to assume you want breakfasts of the types eaten in Western Europe, the U.S. and Canada? "Breakfast" in most of the rest of the world would be unrecognizable to westerners (spicy stews, noodles, etc.)

At home I eat oatmeal with walnuts, raisins and cinnamon; it tastes like an oatmeal raisin cookie. I also like eggs scrambled with bits of cream cheese, sometimes with chopped tomato added. Lox on a bagel with cream cheese, tomato and a good grind of fresh pepper is delicious, too.
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During the week, my winter breakfast is porridge, served with salt as is traditional in Scotland, and a tiny  slurp of milk.  Then perhaps boiled egg with soldiers.

Weekends:  about twice a year, I eat a traditional Scottish fried breakfast - not for the faint-hearted, but foreign visitors always seem keen!  It contains all or some of the following, depending on personal taste -  local bacon and Larne sausage, fried, scrambled or poached eggs, mushrooms, haggis, black pudding, white pudding, tattie scones, oatcakes, grilled tomatoes.  Some people also offer Fried bread or tinned baked beans - I'm too much of a purist for that kind of fol derol!
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Coffee on the run. There is not much time for anything else .....

Since my shift changed , I am up at 4:45 sometimes earlier. Weekends I try to have a small fruit plate.
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One thing that always seems to hit the spot is a couple of eggs, scrambled. Not hard, dry and rubbery, but medium rare, so to speak, soft and creamy. My wife, though, thinks nothing of putting her scramble in a pan and letting it cook while she does laundry, vacuums, or whatever. Well maybe she isn't that bad, but I do usually comment about her eggs being burnt to a crisp. When I do my omelets I like to cook them just until the outside barely begins to brown, then remove them 20 seconds earlier. :)

Recently I saw a recipe for eggs that I've tried and really liked. Basically you bring about half a cup or so of salsa verde to a slow simmer in a small pan. Then you poach a couple of eggs in it, sprinkle grated cheese over the top and cover until the cheese starts to melt. I like it. It looks terrible, this strange, green gooey mess, but it sure tastes good.

When we visited Wales our friends there would usually eat cereal, oatmeal, yogurt and such stuff. But a few times we had fried breakfasts with mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon eggs and bread fried in the skillet to soak up the last of the bacon grease. Yum.

In Germany I was surprised at the number of beers we saw on top of the breakfast table, and the number of dogs we saw under.

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cold pizza for breakfast hits all the food groups...fiber, protein, dairy,vegetable,omega 3(anchovies)...that, and it makes me happy!

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cold pizza for breakfast hits all the food groups...fiber, protein, dairy,vegetable,omega 3(anchovies)...that, and it makes me happy!


You might be surprised joey, that in italy it is very common to stop at a "pizza a taglio" place (that's the kind of large rectangular pan pizza that is sold by the piece here, wrapped in paper to eat on the road, or on a tray for a quick supper) or at a bread bakery and pick up a piece of usually white pizza (with just oil and salt on it) for the kids to eat on their way to school or as a midmorning snack.  Sometimes it's split and prosciutto or salame is put inside or most traditionally, mortadella. 

Some kids will prefer tomato and mozzarella pizza or other types too (potato, eggplant, zucchine). 

Pretty healthy breakfast, actually. 
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A link of Boudin on french bread w/ Steens cane syrup and coffee.

Boudin, casing removed, pressed into a patty and fried like breakfast sausage or bacon. Fry in bacon grease is even better, make sure you use a screened lid for a guard. Serve with a cheese, sauted onion, pepper, garlic omelet and served with either a biscuit, toast from day old french bread, or an english muffin. Toppings might include some crawfish tails, a hollandaise, or other bechamel derivative.


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Eggs Benedict are tied for first place with large waffles with lots of maple syrup.
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Idli is a traditional breakfast item very common in South India. It is steam the dough prepared with rice and ulundu.There no clear indication of the origin of Idli, one of the most popular dish in South India. A variety of Idlis by adding other ingredients such as vegetables cooked, meal, etc.
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