Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper -- what are you cooking?

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Chameleon, a new member, has a great suggestion: Let's have a thread in which we tell everyone what we've been cooking. This kind of thread is a lot of fun to read, and can be a great inspiration! (Another board I'm on started a thread like this just for dinners not quite 3 years ago, and now it's up to 5,896 posts and 93,055 views! :roll:) This is mostly for what we cook at home for ourselves, friends, and family, but if you come up with a really neat special at work, do tell us about it.

Yes, we have people separately posting what they're cooking and asking for help with it. That's fine. This thread is just to list your menu, with a little explanation of the dishes, if you want. Feel free to ask others how they made something that intrigues you. :lips:

I'm willing to start: Tonight I will be making

Pan-grilled halibut
Vegetable fried rice with shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, celery, scallions, and leftover brown rice
Salad with mixed greens, cucumber, and red bell pepper, probably a balsamic vinaigrette

Not sure what we'll drink with it; maybe a dry riesling?

What are YOU cooking? :chef:
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Tonight I'm making;

Paprika Rubbed Chicken with Madeira/Raisin Sauce, topped with sliced almonds
Browned white rice with Shitake mushrooms
Steamed chard tossed with a light garlic vinaigrette
Coconut-Raspberry-Chocolate squares with a good port wine for dessert.
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This is going to be fun topic.
Tonight is Pizza;I made home made dough and home made Pizza sauce. I was giiven a Pizza stone and a wooden paddle to lift it off and on the hot stone.Added, mushrooms,pepperoni, italian sausage,olives and cheese.


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Leftovers which this time means potato soup in bread bowls garnished with crumbled bacon and cheddar. I made a BIG batch of it as temps are in the teens for the high this weekend.


rob p.

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Roasted Butternut Squash soup fresh from the garden (well, last fall fresh anyway).
Baked Dijon chicken with seasoned bread crumb crust. (Using a prepared blended mustard of raspberry, mustard, & spices. It's sweet & spicy instead of hot.)
Pickled veggies and Pasta salad (still deciding between Rotelli or Bow-Tie pasta).
Dessert is Choc cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and toasted coconut sprinkled on top.
Milk is the beverage of choice in my kitchen at mealtime.
Coffee and a movie later (and maybe a second helping of dessert).:lips:
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Ice storm moving in now.
Plans for Sunday are a great lunch at friends ranch property. We decided we would drive up tonight. So dinner on the road, fast food.
Sunday, three families in the middle of nowhere. Fireplaces in most rooms.
Deer will be at the door in the morning.
I trussed and marinated 11 local duck. I talked my friends into doing these in the fireplace pit tomorrow. My wife and I have done this in her families home in France. The duck are hung and roast as the fire roars. I have set a contraption to hang them so they spin and something to catch dripings. Three years ago I was put in charge of the spinning. I had no idea it is such an important job. If I understood correctly, the American kid doesn't have a clue. My Uncle in law is good friends with Yves Thurries, so how could I have done it right.
Leaving soon, have fun, no internet, no phones:eek:
I luv this thread
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As it's Sunday it's gonna be;

Roast loin of pork with a raisin & apricot stuffing,potatoes roasted in garlic,olive oil and Rosemary.Orange glazed carrots,cabbage and pan gravy.Yum.Can't wait!:bounce:
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Sunday morning!
We have internet!!!:eek: I don't know how? deep in 1200 acres.
Woman making B'fast. We have 28p here. Lots of timber down here with the ice.Kids already 4 wheeling.7am
nieghbors brown eggs, hash browns, bisquits(storebought), venison sausage from this property, and a nice peppered boars leg, also from this property.and the fixins, gravy etc.
btw, I know this is not as fancy as some other meals posted but it's good food.
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Hi everyone. My parents are coming over and we'll be playing golf this afternoon. In the meantime, my oldest son will come home today from college with his girlfriend and they're going deer hunting. After, his roommate is expected to pop in on his way back to their dorm. Well, since I'll be away all afternoon and will be feeding a rather large, busy, crowd I decided on making my Grandma's Chicken and Dumplings (or as we say "chick'n n' dumplins"; lol). It's all from scratch, including the dumplings, and it makes a huge pot full. I can get it all done before we tee off and it'll be even better after a few hours.:lips:
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I have 8 birds hanging and turning in the fireplace in the great room. The kids are having a blast giving them the little knudge so the spin. The slower the better. I put the others in the oven. I have quite a large fire going in the outdoor pit so there is plenty of large amber to bring in. It is also sleeting and the iced view is spectacular.
We have consumed almost a case of Pheasant Ridge so I enlisted a buddie to just steamor poach the vegies.
BTW the older kids caught enough bottom lunkers to have fish tacos for lunch tomorrow. We are iced in!!yea!!
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this morning weather permitting (i dont go to school) ill be making eggs overeasy and some peameal bacon. for supper my mom (professional chef) and me will be making noodles stuffed with italian sausage and minced turkey. i love this thread its cool:lips:
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I'm glad you like the thread -- we should thank chameleon for noticing the need for it. :bounce:

An update: I didn't pan-grill the halibut the other night; I put it on a very hot cast-iron griddle (skin side down, mmmm crisp skin :lips:), coated the top with some white miso glaze I made a while ago, and stuck it in the oven. Perfect. And I added some kimchee to the fried rice, so it was SPICY!

Last night:
Pan-grilled loin lamb chops
Cavatappi with tomato sauce and feta
Salad with oregano vinaigrette
Laurel Lake Pinot Noir (North Fork, Long Island)

You'll notice three things about my dinners:
  1. We ALWAYS have a big salad, usually mixed lettuces with cucumber, bell pepper, and tomatoes (only in season, though), and almost always with a simple vinaigrette
  2. We almost NEVER have dessert
  3. Most of the wines we drink are from New York State: think global, drink local :D
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The dishes all sound scrumptious! I need to have more dinner parties so I can make the stuffed pork roast, etc.

I hope the home cooks (like me) will proudly post their "plain" meals and not worry whether the dish is sophisticated or not. Remember, a lot of trendy restaurants serve meat loaf and mashed potatoes these days.

Let's have a great buffet of wonderful food from all parts of the world, from cooks with all levels of skill, using everyday ingredients as well as "special" ones.

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Paul says: the wine. :beer:

I say: good bread. :lips:

Just wait, Mezz -- I'll post when we have hot dogs for dinner (Hebrew National, not Niman Ranch ;) ). And so should you! :D
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Pan- you should be blushing....can you print that in a public forum??LOL

Dinner tonite was--
cream of butternut squash soup, w/ basil croutons; roast beef; yorkshire pudding; sauteed brussel sprouts w/ shallots; homemade buttermilk oat bread. dessert- apple galette (oh and a half batch of a new cookie recipe I had to try- orange and chocolate checkerboard) drink- tea, what else?
I know, I cooked British again tonite, but hey, it's in my blood.

Mondays are my day off, so I usually cook alot. (oh yeah cooked up 4 chukkar and de-boned them after dessert- but they will be for a pot pie tomorrow)
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Last night was pork sausages,bubble and squeak,onion gravy and broccolli.
Washed down with Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand).
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Dinner tonight is traditional Scots fare:

Collops of venison in a red wine and juniper sauce - served with chappit tatties and bashed neeps.
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