Breakfast Ideas for Maitaki mushrooms?

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While golfing, I stumbled onto a 12 pound hen of the woods mushroom attached to an old oak stump when I hit my 3 iron into the woods. I have 2 pressing questions....what to do with this huge delicacy? I'm a casual breakfast and lunch cafe and so an omelet immediately came to mind, maybe with chevre and chive, or gruyere perhaps. What would you folks suggest keeping in mind we're not fine dining. Someone suggested a soup at lunch but seems a bit of a shame b to do that.

My second c question is why the hell do I always hook that damn 3 iron?
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I like the omelet idea. You could also make a mushroom pate and serve that with two eggs. Or a frittata. Or a warm goat cheese/chive custard with two eggs poached and mushroom sauce. 

As for the slice, I think in Caddyshack they had a scene of someone with a bad slice. His caddy just turned his stance 90 degrees. 

It worked in the movie so you might try that. 
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You could make tarts for lunch or quiche. Also you could pickle some and dry the rest and reconstitute and use latter

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