Breakfast challenge

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Hello all-

I've just been offered a new job, which is a great thing. The downside is, it requires a 2-hour commute! I'm OK with that part, but it will require leaving the house at 0-dark-30 to arrive on time.

I am trying to find some budget-friendly grab-and-go breakfast ideas. An apple is an obvious choice, but I was hoping for something more... interesting? (please don't say 'a banana'. I got that...) And frozen Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches are a no-go as well.

Any ideas, anyone?
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A slice of bread with a piece of cheese? Any kind of homemade sandwich: ham, ham and swiss, prosciutto, cheese...? If you can stomach it in the wee hours, tuna salad sandwich? Chicken salad sandwich? Egg salad sandwich?

Sure they do require a bit of prep, maybe you could make it the day before - or are you exclusively looking for zero-prep ideas?

Sometimes I just buy a coffee cake or an American muffin - but obviously that's not the most healthful breakfast.
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Precook bacon, store in fridge.
Quick flop of a flour tortilla on the gas burner to soften, scrambles an egg, add bacon and cheese, roll up and run out the door.
That's maybe a 5 minute meal.
Could precook sausage patties and store in fridge, warm in pan while you toast a biscuit or english muffin, add egg, etc.

Bake some scones ahead of time for days where 5 minutes is too long.
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Um, do you mean to eat while driving? :eek: If so, I guess that leaves out anything that requires two hands, like containers of anything to be spooned up.

But to me, breakfast is just another meal, not necessarily specific food. So just about any kind of one-handed sandwich could work. Or soup that you can drink out of a small Thermos. Or wedges of frittata, made the night before with whatever leftovers you have.
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Ah yes, I did mean to eat while driving! So that leaves out the ol' oatmeal. Further, I only have one arm, so spooning while driving just ain't happening.

Frittata- what a wonderful idea!
And the precooked bacon sandwich idea overcomes Jimmy Dean any day.
FF- I hear ya but couldn't do tuna salad at 0530. Some things just don't work, you know? BUT high protein in a one-hand interface works nicely.

Still looking for more ideas, though...
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For lunch I'm making savory coconut pancakes with zucchini and carrots. I started making those for my toddler, and discovered that I actually liked them. You can totally eat those cold, so you could make them the day before and eat them cold.

And nothing limits you to zucchini and carrots. You could do bacon and cheese, onions and sausage, or whatever you like!

If you like the classic American breakfast (bacon eggs ..) you can make an English muffin sandwich with a little omelet and some bacon or ham.
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Breakfast pastries, small glass of milk. About 1 hour into your drive

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Blue' -

While I sympathize with your problem (well, Both your problems) I find the vision of a one-armed driver eating a sandwich sufficiently alarming to ask you for a precise schedule and route of your breakfast commute so I could stay the he!l off the road !

Oh... I live near Chicago so - never mind.

Seriously, this strikes me as an ideal opening for a nutritious smoothie in a Thermos with a really long straw. Hold the thermos between your legs (worked for that lady McDonald's customer, didn't it? For a while, at least? :rolleyes:)

Could be prepared the night before; be hot or cold, sweet or savory, junky or nutritious. Just couldn't be very lumpy, depending on the diameter of the tube you use to suck it up.

An appropriate length of plastig tubing from the hardware store that could be safely cleaned out will make a straw. If you need to take it out of your mouth or replace it in your mouth, you could steady the wheel with your knees...(ummm... how many knees you got?)

So it's time to fire up the old blender and simplify your life.

Very best of luck :thumb:

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Has anyone seen those frozen bagels with cream cheese inside them? They look like a long, fat hot dog and pretty bad.........

Anyways, I always like a simple nutri grain bar or if I'm feeling savy, a nice english muffin with some cream cheese.
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My favorite breakfasts used to be thin frittatas wrapped in a steamed (microwave) tortilla or stuffed into a fresh pita half. Whether I took them on the go or not.

The innards -- aside from eggs -- were usually already-cooked leftovers.

When I started fresh -- if I wanted to take the time or if you have time -- I thin-sliced zucchini, mushrooms, onions, celery, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, sausage, etc.

Sometimes I'd season them Latin-style, sometimes Asian, sometimes Italian.

A gazillion permutations.

One nutrition hint: have lots of veggies and only enough egg to hold it all together nicely.

Saute the fresh stuff (or throw the leftovers) into a hot oiled/buttered 9-inch skillet, add the eggs and cook only until set. Flip once, finish the other side and fold and drop into your wrapper.

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There are some really good -- tasty and nutritious -- recipes for protein/energy bars on the web.

99% of those sold commercially have issues.

You can make large batches of them and freeze them.

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Actually, my car has a steering knob on the wheel that's easily held with 3 out of 5 fingers, leaving 2 free to pinch a sandwich or whatever. Once on the open interstate, knees work very well without sacrificing safety. Really, we're not talking about watching a movie at 70mph or something!

OTOH, the smoothie idea is a good one. And egg + veggies in a pita half does nicely too. And Google around for some protein bars...
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Well, Blue', when you use up those five fingers... you're out of fingers, so I'm still apprehensive!

When I was a kid, those knobs were called necker's knobs. You used one hand on that knob to steer and the other on whatever was available from your companion.

" car has a steering knob on the wheel that's easily held with 3 out of 5 fingers, leaving 2 free to pinch a sandwich or whatever."

That's the "whatever" I remember fondly. :peace:

If you get any further west than Detroit, I would still appreciate your itinerary and timing, so I could stay out of your way! :lol:

Best of luck on your new job! :smokin

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Get some good quality vanilla protein powder. Grab any number of frozen fruit packagaes (mango, blueberry, strawberry, etc). Blend up with some skim or 1% milk and you have a very delicious and nutricious breakfast that will be ready in about one minute.
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I like bran muffins (particularly the mango-cranberry ones at Trader Joe's - hearty & not too sweet). What I've done in the past when my dad has a super early flight departure is the night before I cut a slit in the top of the muffin and wedge in a slab of butter then stick the muffin into a ziploc and put it in the fridge. Then in the AM all he has to do is put it in the microwave for 30 secs or so, grab a fistful of napkins and he's out the door.

You can also do this to a whole bunch of muffins a freeze them. Then when you microwave one in the morning just set the microwave to a lower power and set the time longer.

Homemade granola bars are another great option. Put extra nuts, esp almonds, in them for protein & energy. Add pureed dates for sweetness, dried cranberries or raisins, etc. This recipe looks pretty good: Easy Granola Bars - All Recipes.

They also have freezer waffles now that are healthy and flavorful even without syrup. I would look at a big health food store like Whole Foods. They have ones with flax seed, nuts, berries, gluten free options (Kinnikinnick brown sugar cinnamon GF waffles are yummy), etc.

Smoothies are good too, just make sure to add some protein powder and some sort of healthy fat, because the fruit alone won't sustain you.

Good luck!
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I haven't seen all the replies but if i were you, when you cook dinner at night, make an extra serve that you can bring to work so that all you have to do is bring your bread with you in another container and you can have lunch. Ooopppsss! breakfast...:look: I will probably buy some grab and go at the supermarket like milky drinks or juices to get me going in the morning commute then I'll have my lunch with the leftover dinner I have in my brown paper bag:mullet:.
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My favorite on-the-run breakfast is toasted peanut butter n' honey sandwich. The balance of fat, carbs and protein stays with me for quite awhile. If you want to make it more substantial, add sliced banana. Fast, requires little planning, and is just sweet enough to taste like breakfast.
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A smoothie perhaps? Get all the ingredients together the night before then blitz the next morning. Delicious and nutritious.
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