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Please help... does anyone have any experience doing breakfast catering and having to transport drop off items like egg sandwiches??? How do you transport these to keep them hot??? I have been having a hard time keeping these warm
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Hi Ava,

Are you preheating your transport container? A cheap trick is to throw some baked potatoes right out of the oven in the bottom of the container, then stack in the sandwiches.

I always did like dusting the precooked, skin on, wedge fries, with a highly seasoned flour. Functional and cost effective...

Of course you can always BUY equipment too...

Good luck!
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I had a few employee cafes and serve a lot of fast breakfast items. We held breakfast croissants sandwiches, egg muffin sandwiches and breakfast burritos. I used clear clam shell containers in a glider warmer. You could individually wrap each sand in foil sheets. I liked holding them stacked in a covered plastic 1/2 pan in a warmer with some moist heat.

You didn't give a lot of info on how long you need to keep these hot ???? what kind of sandwiches are you making ??? and how your doing it now........No matter what your doing or how your doing it, you do need to have someway of keeping the sandwiches in a safe range if your holding then for any length of time.

Breakfast items aren't easy to keep warm and still keep the quality at a high level. Dry heat will make the croissant hard. When you have a few of these in a sealed pan they will create a small amount of steam that will keep them warm without making them soggy.

Like sgmchef said you could always buy equipment. If your a caterer you should have some kind of hot hold equipment. If its a drop-off you may need to have a chaffing dish set up to hold the items. Like I said without all the info of your needs it's hard to advise.

I found the best caterers were the people that went the extra mile to hold their food properly. The logistics of accomplishing this will put you a step about everyone else.........Good luck........ChefBillyB
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