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Hey everyone,

My name is Vince am 23 year old with a bachelors in Food and Nutrition. I graduated top of my class and turned down carreers in the clinical setting that were being handed to me to follow this dream and work with food..(just not the clinical setting) Moved from Northern Cali to Southern Cali to go to California School Of Culinary Arts a LCB program.
I have 7 years of restaurant experience mostly FOH and some Line cooking experience. I HATE MYSELF right now for working for the corporate monster Red Lobster where I serve tables. Im trying to learn the business of the corporate restaurant. It pays like $25 an hour with tips. I am mentally and financially preparing myself to take a $8.50 job being a line chef in some established LA restaurant.
My wife is a comedy writer and if she gets picked up at a sitcom she can make buko bucks and I'll have my own personal sugar mama. Then I can open up my own restaurant. My intrest are contemperary mexican and pacific rim cuisine. Right now I am experimenting with coconuts, the meats, juice, milk, flake and even using the shell as presentation.
Favorite chefs
Alice Waters- One of the few RESPONSIBLE chefs out there who care for the future of the food industry.
Anthony Bourdain- I didn't know Hunter S. Thompson could cook?
Jamie Oliver- Inspires the average person to pick up a knife? Plus that accent and his scooter adds a touch.
Well enough about me.....
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Welcome Vince! Your style is quite in line with this community's.

Don't beat yourself up for working for Red Lobster! A hungry mind will always find something to eat. Learning what NOT to do is almost as valuable as learning what TO do.

When the sugar mama comes through, what kind of place will you open? Hmmm... browse through the Inside Scoop and the other professionals' forums for some good discussions.

We'll look forward to your posts!

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