Breads gone wrong


helena goodall

Hello. Ive recently started a culiary arts course in college and I'm starting to bake at home. My breads always turn out very nice and soft but the bottom is like rock and is impossible to cut through! Does anyone know why this happens? Is it something to do with the ingredients or temperature of the oven?
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Maybe this should be moved to the general baking section rather than the "pro."  I'm not, have never been, and haven't even very often been confused with a professional pastry guy.

Assuming you're baking in or on a pan, what's happening is that your pan is overheating from the combination of convection heat (the hot air in the oven -- doesn't mean you have a fan) and radiant heat coming from the oven floor, and overcooking the bottom of your bread. 

The solution is to put a pan of hot water either directly on the oven floor or on the shelf beneath the shelf you use for your bread.  This will also have the effect of humidifying your oven and giving you a better crust.

But... as always, it would be very helpful if you could post a detailed description of how you bake your bread (the ingredient list isn't real important for this problem), and we can give you a better idea of what's happening.

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