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    Greetings.  As a couple of you may know I'm a coffeehouse owner who's learning to cook/bake for breakfast, lunch and bakery case.  I am serving these now; just not much business yet.  Within the next week I expect to have some minor construction finished that will give me a space to work dough.

    So, given that, I am wondering what breads I can learn to make for panini and deli in a small business.  Presently I come into the shop at 5:30 to prep frozen biscuits, frozen scones and fruit n' granola cups, (and minorly the espresso bar too).

    I'd don't mind a steep learning curve; it's the finances that I worry about.  I'm in a small, southern downtown with average to lower than average incomes.

    thanks for any help,

    *presently I'm experimenting with the no-knead dough recipes;