Breadmaking, The Scottish Way

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Bond, James Bond,

Here's an interesting website. Just click here.

Any experience in breadmaking, 007?

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Hey, what's that supposed to mean. We have wonderful bread in the states... You just have to know where to go.
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James, dear James,

It was just a lucky guess. I hope you will share some of your experiments with us.

BTW, I knew about the oregano in bread already. We have wonderful books on bread and teachers around here. If you look around this very forum, you will find a lot of topics on breadmaking!

P.S.: I agree with Momoreg, you probably didn't find the good places for bread in the States. There are really good bakeries in Montreal too.

I too like it stirred, not shaken! :cool:
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The city of Denver offers quite good bread as does Wheatfields in Lawrence, Kansas. Foreigners, haruumph! :p :p :p :p :p :p
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Hey James they are right! There is good bread in the States!
I do have an old oven in the village but in Athens as well!!
But there is a way to bake bread the old way . Use the ancient techique and bake it in your fire -place. Have a look in the British Museum.
In case you have lost your passport and they do not let you go in London give me a signal.

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