Bread Trends

Joined Mar 3, 2007
I'm in pastry and baking school (for the second time now...), and our yeast product practical is coming up. Now I've mostly been concentrating really hard on pastry and working on chocolates for a competition, so I haven't been as devoted to yeast products as I should have been, and I'm just not all that inspired.

The last place I was working served really uninspired bought-in bread. It has it's place, fair enough, but it's not something I would have been proud to be making in-house.

My question is: what kind of bread is everyone serving in their restaurants, and what's your personal favourite? Are you serving any filled bread products? And what's the most 'out-there' bread you've seen/served.

I usually stick to traditional pastries, so I want to do something modern and trendy for my bread practical. I want to do something unexpected and savoury. And I've only got three hours to make this bread, with the option of making a starter the day before.

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