Bread Stage in France?

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I’m a bread baker in Seattle, culinary school grad, decent intermediate French speaker. Other than camping out in front of Du Pain Et Des Idées, does anyone have any suggestions about how to set up a two to eight week stage—or series of stages—in France? I would think that I need to make a local connection with a chef here who knows someone there to pwrhaps set something up. Or, I could just go to Paris...
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Hi Stephen and welcome to CT. :)

The easiest way to set something up is to do the research online and contact places that interest you via phone or email. In the days before the internet and cell phones, cooks eager to learn would simply buy a one way ticket and hope for the best. Fortunately for younger cooks, the world is never more than a couple clicks away. But, beware! Its very common for stages to be exploited in this industry.

Here's a secret. You don't have to work for free in order to learn anymore.

Here's a great article about the practice of staging.

Good luck. :)
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