bread sculptures

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hi folks, i've been asked by my kids school to make a sculpture from bread. this is something that i never did before. what type of dough should i use, wet or dry, with little yeast and how should i create markings on the surface of the dough that will be recognized after baking? thanks for any comments.

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When I was at CIA we made bread dough sculptures out of "dead dough". Dough without yeast. (I'll look later in my notes and see if I still have recipe). Also, you can color that same dough with baking ingredients such as molasses, etc. to make different colors. After it's baked, you glaze it with a spray that both seal it and makes it glossy - turns out looking great, though time consuming.
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joe amendola's book Bakers Manual uses hard roll dough with out yeast and noodle dough (page 27, revised 3rd addtion).

Joe Amendola Hard Roll:

Bread Flour 5#
Salt 2 oz
sugar 2 oz
shortening 2 oz
egg whites 2 oz
Water 3#
(Yeast 3 oz )

Buy this book, it contains the building blocks of all baking for the professional and it is small!
I have two copies and use them all the time (for the past 15 years) it is the only book that has been everywhere with me!
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