bread pudding

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hello,  does any one use the coffee creamer flavors for the cream/half&half/milk when one makes your bread pudding?  i do think one needs to make a ajustment with the eggs. i was just thinking of the flavor combo that are on the market. just a thought
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Yes you can you just have to adjust the sugar content as the coffee creamers you are talking about have a ton of sugar in them. No need for egg adjustment however, you will need to add some milk with the creamer as that is not real cream. Other than that, have a blast with the flavour combos. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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I always figure Im adding apx one heaping teaspoon
of sugar per each of those little International
creamers, e.g., French Vanilla. Adjust accordingly.
If I was gonna dump some NDC in a bread pudding
it would be Hazelnut or the Caramel one.

I too see no need for egg adjustment, just keep the
same total liquid volume (and I wouldnt use over one
third non dairy) the same for the amount of bread
you normally use.
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