Bread Pudding served the following day question

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We're throwing a party tomorrow and I made a custard-style bread pudding. After the bake, it needs to sit 10 minutes after which a half and half/butter/bourbon sauce is spooned over the top.

The dish is best served warm, but I won't have time to make it tomorrow. I've never made it the day before, but had no choice this time. Wasn't sure exactly how to go about it...

I decided to bake and refrigerate it today. Tomorrow I will reheat it in a slow oven, then make the bourbon sauce and spoon it on. It will keep in the fridge for 4 days.

I guess this will work. But what's the best way next time to make this ahead for safety and flavor/texture? (In case it matters, I make the custard with whole milk and the sauce with half and half.)

For next time make-ahead, would you:

A. Bake the night before, refrigerate, warm and sauce the next day (what I am in the middle of).
B. Bake and sauce it the night before, refrigerate and warm it the next day.
C. Refrigerate uncooked bread and custard mix the night before, bake and sauce the next day.
D. Does it matter which way?

Thanks in advance!
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I put a pan of water in the oven, covered and slow heated the pudding. It came out great! Pictured is one of three pans of bourbon bread pudding. So glad this worked as a make ahead.

Thank you to you all!

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